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Integrity rules

Rules of conduct regarding integrity Continue reading

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An essential element of sustainable, circular farming: Integrity & a circular welfare economy

This blog post argues to recognize the importance of an often forgotten element of sustainability: Integrity. In particular, I will argue that honesty and emotions are necessary elements of a sustainable, circular agricultural economy. Sustainability Sustainability is often perceived as … Continue reading

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Reflection on running science as a business

Would it be proper to run a scientific institute as a business, or would it be a category mistake? Category mistake A category mistake is a rather fundamental mistake concerning the true nature of a concept. An example would be … Continue reading

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How (not) to excel in doing well?

Well, well, well People sometimes think we are rational animals. Like animals we behave, but unlike animals we have the capacity to behave (more) rationally. And not just that: with rationality comes our more or less unique capacity of being … Continue reading

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Comparing overall welfare across species and conditions

An intellectual challenge This post introduces an intellectual challenge. It formulates a problem, without giving any anwers. It is the kind of problem I like to wrestle with. Welfare thermometer While many aspects of animal welfare can be measured, it … Continue reading

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Protected: Welfare attributes and needs

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Do pigs play with chains? Science versus society

Abstract Scientists object to the suggestion that pigs may be playing with toys like metal chains in their pen. In ordinary language, however, it is perfectly fine to use the word play for such animal-material interaction. Apparently, the word ‘play’ … Continue reading

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