Marc Bracke’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Hobbies: animal welfare, animal ethics, science, sports (e.g. walking, running, cycling, ball-sports)

Education: University of Utrecht (Faculty of veterinary medicine; philosophy), University of Florida (philosophy; veterinary medicine); University of Edinburgh (Applied Animal Behaviour Science and Welfare), Wageningen University (PhD)

Work: Several veterinary practices in the Netherlands, IMAG (Institute of Environment and Agricultural Technology), Wageningen Livestock Research.

Fields of expertise: (modelling of) animal welfare, tail biting, enrichment for pigs, stunning of fish, animal ethics, abnormal/problem behaviour, scientific methodology, animal experiments, communication

Publications: The frame below contains most of my recent publications. Holding the cursor over a title, will show it in full. You may also click on a publication or visit (or Wageningen Yield; Microsoft Academic Research). A list of my publications on semantic modelling can be found on this site.

Websites: (me, here); (enrichment for pigs); FareWellDock (tail docking in pigs)

Categories: main categories of subjects I have personal experience with. Each category has a narrative, i.e. there is a further story to tell about each of the partly overlapping subjects mentioned below.

* Animal ethics, * Animal science, * Veterinary medicine, * Livestock science, * Livestock farming, * Biology, * Evolution, * Cognitive ethology, * Theory of (the animal) mind, * Farm animals, * Animals in science and education, * Animals used for entertainment (companion and circus animals), * Breeding, * Modelling of animal welfare, * Monitoring of animal welfare, * Measuring of animal welfare, * Risk assessment, * Abnormal behaviour, * Strategies to solve animal-welfare problems, * Natural behaviour * Killing of animals, * Enrichment for pigs, * Wallowing in pigs, * Aquaculture, * Stunning of fish, * Consciousness
* Ethical and political decision making, * Decision support, * Institutional roles and responsibilities, * Animal protection, * Activism and animal rights, * Positive emotions, * Expert opinion, * Surveys, * Scientific methodology, * Communication, * Writing and publishing

These welfare categories are my personal ‘keywords’, if you like.
Some examples of the kind of story associated with these categories are given below.

* Animal ethics – I studied the way we ought to treat animals at the universities of Utrecht and Florida. The Golden Rule plays an important role in my personal ethical thinking: Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like others do to you’. I have overestimated the importance of animal ethics in the modulation of animal welfare.

* Veterinary science – I studied veterinary medicine at the University of Utrecht, the only place in the Netherlands having a veterinary faculty. During my veterinary education I was always searching for animal-welfare relevant information in the curriculum. You may guess how much I encountered…..

* Animal science – I have a PhD in Animal Science from Wageningen University. Animal science mainly concerns the technical aspects of livestock production. With heart and soul I have been working on the modelling of animal welfare and formalized welfare assessment. That has generated some interesting responses.

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also on LinkedIn. My professional profile can be found at we@wur.

Marc Bracke

Marc Bracke

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