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Protected: Welfare attributes and needs

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Oh my deer, I’m so hungry – A student project proposal

Proposal for a student project to quantify feeding motivation This is a ‘recipe’ for a great student project aimed at quantifying feeding motivation of deer in a deer-park. Recipe by: Marc Ingredients In order to run this project you need … Continue reading

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Plea for Ag-gag in the Netherlands

Plea to draft Ag-gag legislation in the Netherlands This post considers why we need ag-gag. Ag-gag laws protect the livestock industry from exposure of animal cruelty by animal activists. This mainly US-based legislature forbids the undercover filming or photography of on-farm … Continue reading

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Do pigs play with chains? Science versus society

Abstract Scientists object to the suggestion that pigs may be playing with toys like metal chains in their pen. In ordinary language, however, it is perfectly fine to use the word play for such animal-material interaction. Apparently, the word ‘play’ … Continue reading

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Animation of Banksy’s jumping orca

In the summer of 2015 the graffity artist Banksy opened a theme park called Dismaland. One of the exhibits showed a sculpture of a big killer whale jumping out of a toilet bowl, through a hoop and into a plastic … Continue reading

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* PigChase – playing with pigs. Imaginary, futuristic enrichment for pigs

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