This is Marc Bracke‘s personal website. I have a background in veterinary medicine, applied ethology and philosophy. In my work I developed ‘semantic modelling’. This is a method to ‘translate’ scientific knowledge into welfare scores. Using this method I built various computer-based decision support systems. The models are used to calculate welfare scores for pigs, cattle, poultry and fish. This website, however, is not about my work. It is about my personal interests.


I’m interested in the physical and mental health of animals. This inclusies their natural behaviour, animal cognition, evolution, emotion and welfare. I’m also interested in the related questions about animal and human perception, knowledge and ethics.

Marc Bracke

Marc Bracke

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On this website you can find (links to) my CV and things I am interested in personally. Main objectives include the expression of personal interests as well as exploring the use of this website for communication. Hence, this site should be regarded as being ‘tentative’ and ‘under construction’ (see also the Disclaimer).

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