How would I spend 10 billion to improve the Netherlands? I’d burn it.

How would I spend 10 billion € to improve the Netherlands? NRC newspaper asked readers to write a short answer to this question. This is my answer:

Seven opinionators already gave their answer (NRC 16 aug, 2017). Each had a proposal in line with his/her own interests. But that way we’ll never get there! Ten billion to improve the Netherlands? That’s a most interesting question. Because yes, even though we may not always want to see it, there is a lot to improve in our nice little (tax) paradise. But why would we spend 10 billion to improve only the Netherlands? Everything is connected by trade and the internet. We really have to be much more ambitious. Let’s try to improve the whole world! But how? That requires identifying the core of the problem. And that core, my dearest reader, is us, and especially our enormous greed for money. It repeatedly leads to scandals. Just think about the banks, Volkswagen and the fipronil fraud. But don’t be mistaken. The desire for money is in all of us. That’s why we are gradually heating the whole world, like frogs in a pot of water. We should jump out of the pot as soon as possible. We must make a leap of faith! We could all become peaceful Buddhists or something like that. It’s free! We should use the 10 billion to set an example to the rest of the world: We Cannon but a Better world, so we burn the 10 billion euros, like illegal ivory, and start anew.

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